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Subscription to Dogfinance is free and without obligation for a member and recruiter account.

The purchase of a product or service from Carrévolutis, the Site Publisher, through the Dogfinance website, at implies pure and simple acceptance of the general conditions and regulations of sale that follow.

1 Identification of the author of the offer

Dogfinance is owned by Carrévolutis SARL, whose registered office is located at 5 rue du Dahomey 75011 PARIS, identified under number 513 473 835 RCS Paris and whose VAT number is FR19513473835 EPA 00017.

The site's customer service can be contacted by email at or from the online contact form available on the site, a response will be given within a period of 72 hours (time for information, CARREVOLUTIS can not be held responsible for non commitment to this time limit).

2 Object

These general conditions apply to the provision of products and services by us through the website or through the customer service.

3 Terms of conditions and entry

3.1 You agree to ensure that the information you provided in your inscription is exact, and is not in any circumstance false, misleading, incorrect, or deceiving.

You accept to notify us immediately of any changes pertaining to your inscription, by email to

3.2 After registering on the Dogfinance site, whether as a recruiter or a member, you will be provided a username and password for your confidentiality. You agree to be responsible for the use of our services by those to whom you have granted access to your access codes, either voluntarily or intentionally or negligently. If you detect or suspect any unauthorized use of your username, please notify us immediately. If, however, we find or suspect fraudulent use of the website by your username and you have no knowledge, we reserve the right to suspend your account or ask you to change your password.

3.3 Dogfinance reserves the right to make any verifications and destroy any account without prior notice, of which the owner is a minor or legally incompetent, and whose parental or legal guardian's authorization has not been communicated to us, before the establishment of the account.

In addition, we may suspend or cancel your registration without obligation, notice or compensation as soon as any fraudulent use or use inconsistent with the general conditions of use and/or with the general conditions of sale and/or contrary to the laws and regulations in force, is detected.

4 Additional conditions specific to recruiters

4.1 The purchase of dog on our website represents the purchase of credit. These Dogs are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. You can use these credits on all recruiter services available online. These Dogs can not be used outside of the online site

4.2 Dogfinance customer service is available and can provide custom quotes which are also subject to the general conditions of sale and use.

4.3 You agree to be solely responsible for the use resulting from access to the CV database that has been granted license, and agree that this license is solely granted to the purchaser, and is not transferable to any third party whatsoever.

Any unauthorized use, improper or fraudulent thereof causes automatic termination. The extent of access to the CV database license will be specified in the command.

4.4 The buyer is solely responsible for the use that is made of such license and agrees to identify all authorized users within the entity and verify their use.

4.5 You agree to use the CV database to find candidates for specific positions, not to contact for other purposes or to offer other services. If we find a use contrary to the predefined use for this service by you, directly or indirectly, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement without being held liable to you in any way whatsoever and also you acknowledge that you will have no recourse against us. In such a case, any amount remaining due in connection with the services and products purchased under this contract becomes due immediately.

4.6 All job, work-and-study, and internship ads are subject to verification of our customer service. They can be refused if:

- the ad does not correspond to the criteria of the Dogfinance site (an audience specialized in banking, assurances, audits, IT and finance).

- the ad does not correspond to legal criteria (ex: an internship ad cannot surpass a duration of 6 months).

4.7 In addition, we may suspend or cancel your registration or compensation immediately if you violate one of the principles set forth in these Terms and Conditions and/or in the Terms of Use and your obligations thereof, or laws and regulations in force and in particular the provisions of Intellectual Property code, Labour code, anti-discrimination laws, Penal code, or if we believe that such suspension must take place.

4.8 You agree to use and process personal data extracted from the CV database in accordance with the law "Information Technology and Liberties " of 6 January 1978. Moreover, you agree not to sell or disclose gratuitously or for consideration to any third party or any person, your company is not involved in the search for a candidate for a specific position, or all of the personal data of third parties that you could be aware on the site.

4.9 The amount of jobs posted on Dogfinance and the duration of publication will be determined in the option that you have subscribed to order. You can ask us to remove a job whose deadline for publication is not expired without opening rights to reimbursement for the unused time. In this case, we also remove the job offer indicated in our network within a reasonable time.

4.10 All jobs posted by you on Dogfinance as well as exceeding the number of offers agreed in the order, will be invoiced and payable in accordance with the terms at the current rate applicable to such offers. All modifications of one or more elements, when an ad was published, expired, canceled or deleted, is the use of an additional offer.

4.11 You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and the form submitted by you to Dogfinance. In this regard, you agree to submit accurate content and in no way misleading, deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive; job offers are related to real, existing, specific, and available jobs at the moment of the publication of such opportunities.

You also gaurantee that all content items comply with all laws and/or regulations and, including but not limited to, the provisions of the Labour Code, and in particular Articles L.122.6, L. 122-45, L.311-4 and L.711-3, the provisions of law No. 2001-1066 of 16 November 2001 on the fight against discrimination and the provisions of Article 225-1 of the Criminal Code .

If the content of your deals on the site seems contrary to law or if such action is necessary to comply with a judicial decision pronounced against us, protect and defend our rights or personal safety of our users or the public or allow to verify compliance and veracity of an offer you diffuse, we reserve the right to suspend publication. Any suspension of the publication of an offer under this clause shall not entitle you to a refund of the price paid for the publication or reduction. Nevertheless, we can suggest, if necessary, to change your offer so that it complies with current legislation. Its publication will then resume upon receipt of the ad changed.

4.12 You agree to proceed with the termination of any offer for a position already filled by changing the status of the tender through your personal space, or if you can do it directly on Dogfinance in notifying us by email to the address

4.13 The recruiter grants us a non-exclusive free license to use some of its names, trademarks and/or logos to enable us to perform our obligations.

4.14 By submitting Content to the Site, you authorize any Dogfinance user to see, save, print and reproduce it for private purposes.

5 Additional conditions specific to members

5.1 If you register for member services, you can access all the services made available by Dogfinance and all content provided and posted by you or any other user.

5.2 You can update and remove your contact information, your profile information, your resume on Dogfinance or unsubscribe from newsletters to which you have subscribed by going to your personal space. You can also cancel your membership directly online by logging into your account and visiting the "Privacy" page.

5.3. When you register on, you accept the creation of a visible profile on However, you can not appear in Google by unchecking the appropriate box on the "Edit Profile" page.

5.4 By filling in your contact information when registering, you agree that we may contact you during normal business hours by phone, email, postal mail or by any other appropriate means.

5.5 You acknowledge that you use the site for personal purposes and in no way for the purpose of financial gain, without limitation, in any manner whatsoever, in accessing services and content available to you.

5.6 You agree to be responsible and will engage the liability of Dogfinance nor of Carrévolutis in your dealings with users of the site. You further acknowledge to act by your own initiative, informed and aware of the risks associated with Internet transactions.

5.7 In addition, we may suspend or cancel your registration immediately and without compensation if you violate one of the principles set forth in these Terms and Conditions and/or Terms of Use and your obligations thereof, or laws and regulations.

5.8 You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and the form submitted by you to Dogfinance (including, but not limited to, any CV).

5.9 You agree to disable any content (including, but not limited to, any CV) submitted by you to Dogfinance by accessing your personal space when your status changes and especially when you are no longer available for employment .

5.10 By submitting Content to the Site, you authorize any Dogfinance user to see, save, print and reproduce it for private purposes.

5.11 Although we strive to ensure the quality of the website, we make no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of jobs / internships / work-and-study published by recruiters, or the ability of recruiters or employers providing jobs to job seekers.

5.12 You acknowledge that recruiters are solely responsible for the assessment and the adequacy of candidate profiles with the proposed positions. In addition, you agree that we have no control over these third parties and thus have no liability to you for the acts or omissions of the latter.

5.13 The information and answers given, accessible from "Questions / Answers" or "Questions to experts" does not constitute advice, a guarantee of success in your efforts, and are provided for informational purposes only on the basis of facts that you have submitted to us. In addition, we can not guarantee to answer all questions but we will strive to do the maximum. By submitting a question, you authorize us, to the world, and for free without being exclusive, and indefinitely, to post your questions, including personal information you have provided to us.

5.14 The basic member account is free and allows you to access the main features of the site A Premium Subscription and Subscription Premium Career is also proposed under modalités suivantes (cliquez ici).

6 Forms of payment

6.1 The prices of products and services are available in the space "My Subscriptions" of the recruiter space and "Premium Subscription" of the member space of the Dogfinance site and may be modified by us at any time. The cost of access to the CV database and other communication options and visibility can be obtained by e-mail directly from

6.2 Unless otherwise provided, no product or service ordered can not be canceled. Therefore you agree to pay us the full price under the order and under the conditions provided.

6.3 Upon receipt and acceptance of the order by us, you will receive our invoice, subject to VAT at the prevailing rate in euros payable indicated on the invoice or default on the order form. If this bill is not paid when due, we will be entitled, but not obliged to charge you late penalties payable by you at the first request, calculated on the basis of one and one half (1.5) the statutory rate of interest applicable in France. Such interest shall accrue from the day following the due date of the invoice until the date of actual payment.

6.4 In case of default by you, all costs incurred by us or our agents to recover unpaid amounts are your responsibility, including legal fees.

6.5 If you order a product or service online, once your order is confirmed on our site, when pay using a credit card, you guarantee that you have the right to purchase these paid services using this method of Regulation. If we do not receive the debit authorization, if the payment is not valid or can not be treated differently, if the direct debit is canceled later, or if your card is rejected, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access to paid services at any time.

6.6 In case of payment by debit card, you must provide us your bank details. You declare to be the account holder for which the signed debit authorization is duly authorized to that effect. If an objection was working on one of our samples, for any reason whatsoever, you agree to pay us the amounts owed by any other means whatsoever. 6.7 If the price of the ordered services is a significant amount, we can, at your request, grant you deferred payment of the said order, on such terms as we agree that you will be reminded in the schedule that will be sent.

6.7 In case of payment by check, the implementation of the product or service purchased will be effective upon receipt of the check.

6.8 If payment by check should be dismissed for insufficient funds, you agree to reimburse us for any costs we may have to bear because of the rejection.

6.9 Failure to pay may result in termination of the contract and related products and services, without further formality.

7 Duration and modification of "Premium" and "Premium Career" subscriptions

7.1 The Subscriber who has purchased a Premium Subscription is obligated for the duration specified in the corresponding Subscription Form.

7.2 In case of payment by credit card: After the initial term of the Subscription, it is automatically renewed for the term of the initial subscription, unless otherwise determined by the Subscriber, and is demonstrated by the steps described below. The renewal then continues in the same manner.

L'Abonné a la possibilité d'annuler la reconduction tacite à tout moment pour le(s) Abonnement(s) au(x)quel(s) il a souscrit en suivant la procédure ci-dessous décrite : Se connecter sur le site avec le compte porteur du et des abonnements, se rendre sur la page « Abonnement Premium » du menu déroulant présent dans la partie haute droite du site, cliquer sur le lien « Gérer mes options de renouvellement », puis cliquer sur le bouton « Me désabonner », et confirmer le choix.

8 Billing

After confirmation of receipt of your payment, an invoice is automatically published and available on your account. Here's how to access it, then click on the "My Purchases & Invoices" tab.

8.1 For the recruiters

Login to the site with the recruiter account, go to the "My Subscriptions" page drop down menu on the upper right side of the page "My Account"

8.2 For the members

Login to the site with the account holder and subscriptions, visit the "Premium Membership" page drop-down menu on the upper right side of the page, then click the "Purchases & Invoices" tab.

9 Termination

Each party (the non-defaulting party) may request the termination of these Terms and/or require payment of any amount due (without prejudice to any other rights and remedies) by written notice with immediate effect upon receipt by the other party (the defaulting party), if the defaulting party fails seriously to any of its obligations under the conditions applicable to the parties concerned; in the event that the failure can be repaired, and if the defaulting party fails to remedy the breach within a period of ten (10) days from the receipt of a letter from the non-defaulting party in this regard.

Upon termination of this contract, licenses and other rights granted to a party shall be automatically terminated as access to the Dogfinance network.

10 Applicable law and jurisdiction

10.1 Any notice under these conditions of use will be by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by letter delivered by hand letter and shall be deemed received upon its first presentation.

10.2 These terms and conditions of use are governed by French law and any dispute between the parties shall be governed exclusively by the Commercial Court of Paris.